Security Arrangements

Two of the boons of the Internet are online trading and online banking. This new online arrangement has saved countless hours for both customers and banks. Online trading with firms like Web Street Securities is a major comfort. However, this has captured the attention of cyber criminals as well. The most common method used by these criminals to get bank account information of the customers is called “phishing.”

Web Street Securities would like to advise their users that phishing is a method of tricking the customer into revealing his user name and password for his online banking account. This is done by the criminal sending emails that attempt to panic the customer into the revealing act. It is similar to the popular sport of fishing, wherein bait is provided to lure the fish into biting it

Advice on Security Arrangements at Online Banking

The phishing email will usually appear to have come from a bank. The receiver may or may not have an account in the bank that is represented. Web St. Securities cautions that the contents would be along the lines of this: bank account details need updating, and it is essential to protect the account by furnishing details. The email will also have a link which will take the reader to a secure area to enter the details. The link will take the reader to a page that looks very much the same as the original bank's web-page, but in reality, it is a fake.

Web Street Securities, found at, requests its readers to be careful not to fall into the phishing trap. The first advice is that banks do not ever send out emails to their customers asking for login details. The user is advised to look at the address. The site of a bank is a secure one, and the address begins with an https in place of the regular http.